New (beta) Charts - Feedback / Issues

This will be available starting in release 1.210108.0

You should add the number of active lots near the X cancel button (in the chart)
This addition could avoid confusion sometimes when we are in fast market

Also the P&L on open position (somewhere in the line) could be fine

where is the link to download the desktop version of this (latest) release?

After the order is placed, you will see the quantity of the working and contingent orders:

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Opening with a stop cannot be moved on the beta charts, need to keep the legacy chart open to be able to adjust, the bracketed stop can be moved however which is weird, also note those labels that get stuck on the chart, they are very annoying as they obscure wicks some times

More info after talking to support: Only happens on beta charts when you don’t have any positions open and use a stop to open a position, with a bracket order, for example: a stop buy above the current price, doesn’t happen if you are using limit orders to buy below the current price.

Works on the legacy charts no matter how you do it.

Just described below

This is what has happened when I put the chart again in the full screen of the workspace

ISSUE: Charts Beta is not autofitting correctly for Bars Only on builtin Bollinger Bands (possibly a few other indicators)

FEATURE REQUEST: Set the Right Mouse Button to Enter Trades on the Chart so the Trade buttons don’t popup every time the Chart Area is clicked (like when trying to move a drawing but miss it by a hair).



Bug on the volume profile that requires reloading the charts.

Hi @JulioC are you seeing this on the web or desktop version?

the web version, I have not tried on the desktop version yet

We’ve been able to reproduce it here. Its with the devs to fix.

Latest beta releases seem to be significantly improving so happy to see the progress. I do have two issues I’d still love to see resolved in future updates:

  1. Allow crosshairs to dissapear/become invisible as you pull cursor off the chart. This is the behavior of legacy charts but not Beta. Right now crosshairs are always stuck on the charts if being used which blocks view and is distracting.

  2. Community indicators seem to be working better with latest release but I’ve found issues with ones using Moving Averages getting “stuck” and going sideways such as tystr’s Improved Tiki Trend indicator (example below).


We have this one on the list. Should be addressed here shortly

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Hotkeys for these 2 functions (as well as many others in Chart (beta) will be coming in the next release

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Give the beta version a shot this evening. There should be a fix in there for this issue:


An overview of the hotkeys available in the charts in the upcoming beta release (on 1/15/2021):

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Hi Brian, tried again this morning and still having that issue with custom MA’s flatlining as soon as chart is opened. Only seems to be an issue with custom ones. Native MA’s work fine on Beta. I’ll attach this morning’s chart below.