Lag on Beta charts

Continuing the discussion from Release Notes - Version 1.201120.0:

Beta chart last price still doesn’t match the candle closing point.

For Some reason they kinda lag when you put them side by side with the legacy charts.
Try this: put MNQ on a 90tick chart on both the beta and legacy around 9:30-10am, and you’ll see it. I’m on Win 10 desktop version

Kudos on removing the annoying order confirmation on chart orders on the new charts, hope I can switch to them soon. but given the lag I’ll stick to the legacy for now, please keep the legacy as backup when you switch to new charts.

Also would be nice if we could change the vwap to use a different input, say the 15min timeframe, right now the only option on the input dropdown is the current timeframe so if you use say 100 ticks the vwap will be way out of it’s real value.

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You can compare this again in the next update. We made some changes to how it updates that marker in the price axis

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Check this in the next release as well. We made a few adjustments to the drawing of the candlestick:

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Awesome looking forward to the next update,

Btw is there any way to adjust the brightness/opacity of the grid/crosshairs on the new charts? right now is a tad to bright and makes it hard to see the wicks of some candles.

The lag definitely improved, kudos, however the candles still do not align with the prices/grid. they seem to have a 0.25 offset on both MES, MNQ and other micros, see attached, had to remove the grid on the beta chart cause it obscures this issue unless you are in a real trade and you start seeing support and resistances where they aren’t, I can live without the grid, but this misalignment is a deal breaker for the new charts.

The offset should be addressed on version 1.201127.0. You can check the version on the bottom of the login screen

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Lag on the candles is gone, this can be closed

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