Chart bugs after update

Continuing the discussion from Release notes - Version 1.201204.0:

Happy to report the lag is definitely fixed, same as the grid and candles matching, is perfect now, same as the ability to change colors that really helped with the intrusive grids, almost there except for.



  1. Moving the orders directly on the chart doesn’t work every time, when it does sometimes takes a while to update, can be reproduced mostly by putting a bracket order on the one minute chart and then trying to move it on the ticks chart on the side, it would simply not respond, same for canceling orders sometimes it doesn’t work, so still using legacy charts for the ticks just to be able to cancel and move orders quickly.

  2. The autofit charts sometimes insist in squeezing the chart to include studies even when I have selected bars only. see above image.

  3. the crosshairs obscure the candle wicks no matter the color, maybe coloring/drawing it with some transparency using rgba instead?

4.pending order lines should appear on top o the crosshairs.

Thanks @ccresz. We’ll take a look.

Just to confirm:

  • It looks like you are using the desktop version on Windows, correct?
  • Do you see the same sort of behavior in the web version?

Yes windows version, have never used the web version, so can’t tell.