Bracket Orders not showing on Charts

Not really a “new” feature request; just a request to see brackets back on the charts.

Even after clicking “show order lines” on each chart in Settings, they still don’t show up.

They showed up before, but seemed to have disappeared on the latest update.

They did show up on the TPO chart, however.

Yea same here. My order won’t show up on the chart at all. Tried “show orders” and “show fills” and still nothing. Hope they fix this soon.

Same here.

Tradeovate, Please address this ASAP!

Are you using the lagacy chart in your workspace?

I think so - I never updated it previously except for contract rollovers

You should not see this issue in the “Chart” module. You can add that to your workspace in place of the module you are seeing the issue with

When I opened up the chart module, it opened up a TPO chart, which I already have (and it shows my brackets).

I’d like to see them on the traditional candlestick chart again though if that’s possible

Sorry about that; I figured it out - clicked out of TPO & now it shows my brackets.

Thanks Brian!!