Order lines are no longer showing up

my order lines are no longer showing up, and also the chart is auto scaling every time a candle closes which is very annoying on the 1m timeframe lol. changing the view settings seems to have no effect wether autofit is on or off or order lines box is checked or not.

using chrome on windows 10 in simulated environment (topstep)

Same here.

Impossible to trade. It even happens in SIM.


Are you using the legacy chart in your workspace?

what is the legacy chart? im using topstep.tradovate.com

oh i see, how do you tell if its the legacy or not?
i’ve just been using the default workspace.

i think legacy chart may have been default, will test the regular “chart” tonight.

yea i was using the legacy chart, everything works fine on the newer chart thanks.

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