Bug report: Line at last trade price disappeared in legacy charts

Logged in on Sunday July 31, 2022 and the horizontal line at the last trade price that I had on all my charts is no longer there (even though “Last trade price” in chart settings is checked). I am using the legacy charts.

Also, the cursor crosshair toggle is not functional and the cursor crosshair strangely disappeared on some charts and cannot be toggled back on.

Dear Tradovate,

It’s impossible to trade with the legacy charts without the possibility of seeing the last trade price.

Any help with this would be welcome. A possible solution would be to restore the code for the legacy charts to what it was prior to the changes that apparently were made to it on July 29-30.

Another problem I’ve noticed is that the charts are inexplicably and bizarrely moving around by themselves. I do have the autofit option turned off.

Thank you Tradovate!

Have you tried to add the NOM Colored Price Line study?

It’s much better than “LastTrade Price”
It is perfectly synchronized with the price variation