Horizontal Lines Disappearing

I’ve tried to get this problem sorted with Tradovate support, but it seems like we’ve hit a wall. Curious if any of you have experienced what I’m about to describe.

Horizontal A Line and A Ray that I’ve drawn from previous days will disappear every time I restart Tradovate desktop for Mac. I have to pan all the way over to the day that it was drawn for it to reappear in the current price action day. This has caused me serious issues, as these are for key support and resistance areas.

Another issue that I’m having with line drawing in higher time frames and then switching to an M1 chart. When I switch to the M1 chart the lines are not there that were drawn on higher time frame charts.

Any thoughts on how to resolve these issues would be amazing. I’ve tried resetting the default workspace, as well as increasing the minimum number of bars to be loaded in the chart editor to 9999.

I use a Windows PC. I put horizontal lines on profile charts. After a certain period of time, (I’m not sure if its about 2 weeks) those lines will not appear unless I move the chart back toward the day the line was added. What I do, and it is very tedious, is on the weekend I go back a week on the chart, double click each line and move the begin and end date forward to the current week. That keeps the horizontal lines on the chart for another week or so without having to go back each time I start TV in order to see them. Is it a pain? Yes. It’s super unnecessary. But that’s one of the things I’m putting up with for now.

I believe I was experiencing the same issue but found that viewing the levels on a high time frame chart (4H for example) and move the right handle of the horizontal line as far into the future as possible, the lines will stay in view across timeframes for longer. Also editing each line and changing the end date to several months in the future helps as well.

But should that be necessary? Absolutely not. All drawings should appear at every timeframe in the same locations, no question. I’m no programmer but I believe this is to help performance by unloading old lines the program thinks you aren’t using.

It’s been an issue for a LONG time. Seems they’ve given up on platform. No one from Tradovate even responds to issues in here anymore.
Ever since they were bought out by Ninja Trader we’ve been ghosted. Who knows who even works there anymore. It appears the guys who built and started Tradovate did it to resell it, which they did successfully.
The really good coders that made most of the custom community indicators have gone on to program other platforms, mostly Sierra Chart.
Only tumbleweeds left around here