Drawings not loading on shorter timeframes

Hey gang,

Trying the platform for this week before Christmas to decide if I like it. Been with TOS for years, but the fees are eating me up. I’d really like to use this service and have pretty impressed so far, but there is one issue I’m having that could be a deal breaker.

I start with longer term trends/channels on the daily/4hr charts. Draw a couple fibs for those timeframes as well. The drawings seem to work fine on every time frame down to about 15 minutes. Granted, it takes a while to load in to each time frame, but they generally do fine down to the 15m. They absolutely will not load correctly on the 3 or 1m charts. At all.

What’s the solution? What am I doing wrong? I could always keep my drawings on TOS & use Tradovate to execute, but I’d rather do it all on one platform. Just easier. I suppose I could link with Trading view, but I think that kinda defeats the purpose of moving for the lower fees. $35 a month to link tradovate and upgrade Tradingview not including paying for upgraded data & level 2. I know I may be penny pinching but I’d like it if there was a solution on the tradovate platform instead.

Any help I’d really appreciated.

See ya out there

Hey man, I was having this issue as well. I also draw my support/resistance, trend lines, etc. on longer frames and move my way down. What I realized is that when the chart loads up, it only loads the most recent data. So to get those lines to work you have to scroll way way out to get them to load up. Or, you can avoid that by drawing your lines in the most recent day/data. For example, a horizontal line, draw it so where you click and create it is right at the most recent candles and then just extend the line left and right. Hope that is helpful.

@BWeis This has been discussed on multiple threads on multiple dates - what are the plans to fix this. It is truly unacceptable that I have to scroll days and days left in a 5min chart in order for a simple rectangle that I drew two weeks ago (and is a ray) to load. This happens EVERY single time I load tradovate. This will literally drive me to another broker as without being able to see what I’ve drawn previously it is impossible to correctly trade my strategy. Thank you.