Tradovate to TradingView - Market Data Question

Hey guys/gals.

Quick question I have the Tradovate add on for TradingView. I pay for market data (CME) through Tradovate. When my account is linked into TradingView it is still showing a ten minute delay on ES futures . DO i need to buy TradingViews data subscription as well as Tradovates? This nickel and dime stuff is more about the principle than the cost but I haven’t been able to find my answer on TradingView (im doing a trial run and not a full member so no live support without paying for their membership plan, not to be confused with the data plan). This is why I went TOS in the beggining but it’s simply too cumbersome to run effectively and I like custom indicators and have had better luck making some in Trading View vs Tradovate so far… Thanks in advance

Having a funded account with Tradovate and the CME data subscription with Tradovate as well, should be all you need for the data to work.

You do need to have that add-on subscription through Tradovate for the Linking of Tradovate to Trading View to work.

Under settings / add-on tools, you need this (see image)

I had this hook up for a few months and only used Trading View’s free version and it all worked fine. Unless something has changed it should all work. Send a email to Tradovate inquiring if the connection to trading view is actually connected right.

I’m not sure if this will help but I’ve had MES selected but not tradable when logged in and had to re-enter the symbol and select the current contract in front.

Thanks yeah I also had to make sure I had the current contract not continuous but still only my DOM was current price the chart itself had a ten minute delay still

I will have to reach out again. I pay the ten bucks for the add on to work. The dom was current but the chart data was delayed. I have a screenshot but it’s not loading presently.

Are you referring to the DoM on Trading View? If the DoM on Trading View is seeing the live data in real time the connection is there.

Correct. That’s what I’m saying. I’m connected but the data feed but should also apply to the charts right?

Correct, all your Tradovate features should link to trading view as long as you have the Subscription i posted before. The $9.99 subscription is a charge from trading view for the privilege to link your Traovate account and services to the Trading View platform. There is no need to pay for the same services again on trading view like data. If you are seeing live data on the Trading View Dom but you are not seeing live data on the trading View charts, that sounds like a bug.

This might seem like a silly question but are you signed in to your Trading View account before you link and sign into the tradovate account through trading view?

No silly questions! and why I’m so confused on this. I log out of all tradovate before getting on trading view. Yes I do have the add on to connect the two and it does work as shown by having the login working and linking to my trsdovate account in trading view dom as well as showing my balance account number etc. purely issue is as I keep referencing is that my chart is still delayed and it’s baffling me. Must be a bug or some authentication issues i at tradivate support suggestions removed 2FA just to see if it helped when logging on but alas same issue

OK, I believe there is a technical issue (a bug). that should not be happening if you are logged in and see your Tradovate account. Who’s side the problem lies on i’m not sure, but i lean to the trading View side because the Trading View DoM sees the correct info and their charts do not. I still would put in a support Ticket with Tradovate they mostly will be able to get ahold of someone at Trading View Faster than you would.

Thanks for all the thoughts. I put in a ticket earlier before market close )1pm) but still unresolved so far. Will try again next week. I’m agreeing that’s it’s likely on TV side. I also sent them a help request but no reply yet there but Friday after lunch I didn’t expect much help available

We need to pay/add-on $4 to TV for live data without delay for futures/indices.

That’s a bummer double dip but I get it. Thanks

That must be something new in the last year, i didn’t have to pay it when i tried the connection to TradingView to Tradovate last year. Glad you found the answer though,
I’m getting sick of this nickel and dimeing.

I don’t know, i would still talk to Tradovate, paying for CME data twice seems ridiculous.

Agreed pay to connect pay for data pay for second data pay for subscription pay for membership. Then of course the actual fees and commissions

We reached out to Tradingview on this and they are investigating a potential issue on their side

Thanks Brian in meantime I’m buying data from both. To avoid this issue. Imperfect fix but keeps me running

That should not be required.

We had a couple users report that issue to us and escalated it to Tradingview who acknowledged they are looking into it