Request Realtime Market Data

I’m new to Tradovate. I’ve been following the example-api-js tutorial in github to request realtime market data (example-api-js/tutorial/WebSockets/EX-08-Realtime-Market-Data at main · tradovate/example-api-js · GitHub). I can connect fine to the API but when I make a md/subscribequote or md/getchart request it does not render any quote or chart data. It just makes a request and noting else happens.
Market data subscription was bought for the current month as well as API access.
What am I doing wrong?

You most likely are connected but not catching any responses or events.

Your request to should return a JSON response that looks like this:

  "id": 2586692,
  "name": "MSFT",
  "contractMaturityId": 45734,
  "status": "DefinitionChecked",
  "providerTickSize": 0.01

Thanks for the response. Yes, I receive that JSON response.
But then I always receive this response in the data variable in the switch in the code below:

Using this code from the tutorial:

TradovateSocket.prototype.subscribe = async function({url, body, subscription}) {

    const realtimeId = response?.d?.realtimeId || response?.d?.subscriptionId
    if(body?.symbol && !body.symbol.startsWith('@')) {
        const contractRes = await tvGet('/contract/find', { name: body.symbol })
        contractId = contractRes?.id || null
        if(!contractId) {
            contractId = await tvGet('/contract/suggest', {name: body.symbol })[0].id


    return new Promise((res, rej) => {
        switch(url.toLowerCase()) {
            case 'md/subscribequote': {
                cancelUrl = 'md/unsubscribequote'
                cancelBody = { symbol: body.symbol }
                if(this.listeningURL !== MD_URL) rej('Cannot subscribe to Quote Data without using the Market Data URL.')
                removeListener = self.addListener(data => {
                    if(data.d.quotes) {
                        data.d.quotes.forEach(quote => quote.contractId === contractId ? subscription(quote) : noop())


I’m not sure if Tradovate streams equity data. Try inputting a futures contract like ESU4.