Get market data with demo account

I want to get data from tradovate API. However, I’ve got some errors. First of all, is it possible to get data with demo or live account? For example, I want to get 15 bars back of 1 minute data from the latest time. I’ve tried to use initializeClock as mentioned in the tradovate API guides. As mentioned in the API guides, for the initializeClock I use which means that it is possible to initialize the clock with demo account. However, I get the following message:
“This endpoint should be called on”.
Does anybody know what is the problem? Do I need to activate the replay account to get the bar prices?


If you have API Access, you already have an active funded account. If you don’t have access to the API yet, please follow this guide.

Our Market Replay feature is available for anyone with an account. However, you need to use a WebSocket to connect to Market Replay using the API. the initializeClock endpoint will start a replay session which you will then have to listen to events from using that same WebSocket’s onmessage event.

I suspect that you probably want chart data and not Market Replay data. You can get chart data using a Market Data WebSocket. Follow this guide from our official docs to setup a WebSocket that retrieves market data. Then use this section to learn about the getChart endpoint.