How Do I Access the API?

How Do I Get Access to the Tradovate API?

You can now access the Tradovate API to do things like automate trades, or create third party software backed by Tradovate’s technology. To do so, navigate to Application Settings.

Before you can generate an API Key, you must meet some general requirements. You must have a LIVE account and hold greater than $1000 in that account. If you meet those requirements, you then need to purchase a subscription to API Access. Click the Add-Ons tab. Then scroll to find API Access.

If you haven’t already purchased API Access, do so now.

Still in Application Settings, click the API Access tab. Click the Generate API Key button. You’ll be presented with a series of user self-attestations.

It is extremely important that you understand futures trading and the implications of using our API before you continue. If there is any portion of the self attestation that you aren’t confident about, please do not hesitate to read the linked documentation. Once you have completed the attestation, you will need to sign a digital agreement document.

You have the option to download a copy of your digital agreement if you choose to do so. Then you will be able to choose the permissions available to this API Key.

When you are satisfied with the permissions you’ve chosen, click the Generate button. You will be presented with your new API Key one time only. Remember to record and store your API key somewhere safe. Do not expose this key in public repositories and do not share this key with anyone.