Can you place an API trade against replay?

Quick question, is there a rest endpoint for replay? eg. to place orders

I have successfully gotten an access token and placed an order against Demo and Live however I cannot receive an access token from the following replayUrl.

Hello @wogann,

You need to use a WebSocket to start a replay session. For more info on using WebSockets to run Replay sessions, check out this section of the docs.

Yes I meant to place a trade against replay? Can I send a socket client request like this in order to place an order?

WebSocket.Send(“order/placeorder\n50\n\n{“AccountSpec”: “RPLxxxxxx-x”,“AccountId”: “”,“ClOrdId”: “”,“Action”: “Buy”,“Symbol”: “MNQZ1”,“OrderQty”: 1,“OrderType”: “Market”,“Price”: “”,“StopPrice”: “”,“MaxShow”: “”,“PegDifference”: “”,“TimeInForce”: “Day”,“ExpireTime”: “”,“Text”: “Sample”,“ActivationTime”: “”,“IsAutomated”: “True”}”);

That’s pretty much exactly how you’d do it.

The Market Replay socket is unique in the sense that it occupies the same functional domains as both the real time socket (wss:// and the market data socket (wss:// So whether you want market data or to make a trade against replay, you’ll use the same Market Replay socket’s send method.