Tick Data Add on

What’s the point of spending an extra 10 dollars a month for tick data if you can’t even practically use it. I am a scalper and even if I want to go back on my 3 second chart, it takes forever to scroll back a couple days. Tradovate. You guys need to make the option to be able to just click what day and time you want to go back. I can’t analyze crap and it takes forever to scroll and then it will reset back to the present day. Also, you should make some type of back testing software so that we could put the great tick data to use. For my volume profiles, I can only have it up to a month back. Why not a year? If you’re going to offer these add ons that add up on a monthly cost, make it worthwhile. Your merge should be done with ninja trader by now. Get back to updating the platform.


The extended tick data is what actually enables the longer term profiles! Been a while since I’ve done any serious charting on tradovate but if I recall, those very low timeframe charts load old data in a very clunky way

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The longest option I was allowed to choose was only a month with having the tick data. I’ll reach back out and ask them. Thank you!