Volume profile - Yearly

For subscribers to the one year tick data/extended chart history, it would be excellent if Tradovate could add the Yearly volume profile. Currently volume profile available options are session, daily, weekly and monthly. Thank you!

Volume Profile needs a performance tune up before yearly information is put on a chart. Right now with just the daily session Tradovate desktop bogs down quite a bit. The candles don’t even plot in real time at times because of this.

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Actually scratch that comment. Looks like it’s not the Volume Profile, but the loading of a lot of candle data. I got the extended data and started using the Volume Profile at the same time. Performance is fine as long as you don’t look back more than a couple of days.

I just feel that one month of VP is insufficient data to accurately determine HVN/LVN, etc when the indices are moving up/down 40-to 100s of points a day.