Volume profiles and TPO chart - a way to see more than 2 weeks of data?

Hi Tradovate team, I’d really encourage this feature to be available somehow, because a recent situation in the oil futures has shown the importance of being able to see a broader volume profile/TPO profile. On Thursday, the price for oil futures plummeted and had reached a low from weeks ago. However, because the volume profiles and TPO profiles only display for two weeks back, there was no way to see the surrounding profile levels from this price area of the market. But you can see my screenshot which I had taken back during March 1-4 2021, that there had been some reference levels which would have been useful to compare Imgur: The magic of the Internet (click the image to zoom in) And today the market was trading around that lower area. However, today, the profiles from those old days could not be displayed, as they were beyond the 2 week or so limit. So some useful information from the past was inaccessible.

Is there any possibility this feature could be integrated somehow? Even something like a weekly profile that is more like a graphic than a dynamic tool of periods beyond the two weeks would be very helpful. For example, one could input “Display profile of March 1-5 2021” and then be able to drag it around the chart space.

What do you guys think?

Hi @dtrade

You can gain access to up to a year of this data in your chart by activating the “Extended Tick Data History” Add-on in the Trader

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Thank you @BWeis for pointing that out, I had totally missed that add-on!

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No problem. It was actually only recently added (exactly for requests like this!). Apologies, we probably have not done a good enough job getting the word out there yet.

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