Volume profile disappearing

Anybody else having trouble with volume profile disappearing when switching charts, then usually takes a few minutes to come back , if at all ?
Thank you in advance

I’ve had this problem a few times. I’ve had entire charts disappear and reappear after a few seconds. Tradovate seems to use tons of cpu and memory vs some of the other charting platforms out there.

@ThatOneGuy86 thanks for replying, I’ve just started using tradeovate, everything else seems to be working fine, Dom , orders, ect., but constantly losing the volume profile makes me concerned about other problems with platform .

This platform is great and when considering the price, its even better. The dev team seems to be working on many things and I appreciate what they have done so far. I think we will see continual improvements over time.

I appreciate your feedback, I do like the platform, I’ve been using TOS and that has a fair share of lagging problems.