How do I extend volume profile indicator longer than 10 days?

Hi. I use weekly volume profile to label prior points of control as levels. I currently have the free volume profile indicator on a 30min chart and set to the weekly setting. However, I can only get 10 trading days back of data then the chart is blank. When I remove the indicator the data returns. I think it may just be a limit to the indicator currently, but want to make sure I’m not missing something in the settings. If it is a limit would love to request an increase in the history to be able to see weekly volume profile months back. Thanks!

I believe you need the “Extended Tick Data History” Add-On

Here’s a picture of weekly profiles going back to December with a drawing tool profile on the right from year open on the NQ continuous contract.


Awesome! Thank you! Will give that a try.

Hello there, I can’t find this add-on on my Tradovate settings, is it available only once you open a Live Account with them? I am currently using Tradovate because of Elite Trader Funding evaluation challenge, so it is considered Demo account, could this be the reason why I can’t access this Add-on to have more than 10 days of data with daily Volume profile?

That is a possibility. For me I find it under settings > add-ons. It’s the first thing on that page.