How to access historical data

Tradovate says they offer the following data:

Tick and Tick-based charts (including Bid-Ask Volume) - 2 weeks

Minute-based charts - Back to a historical date of 1/1/2017

Day-based charts - Back to a historical date of 1/1/2017

But when I open up the application, i can only go back 24 hours on tick and maybe a 1 week or so on the minute. What am I doing wrong? Is there a setting that I have to change? Or do I have to purchase the historical data. Tradovate in their help section simply says they offer the data, but no instruction on how to access it


Good question - I have wondered that as well… Is there a way to load a chart based on a start/end date?

I have this issue with daily NQ. Bars only go back ~Jul 31st. I have tried via TSTrader, Tradovate .com and Tradovate desktop versions. The desktop shows daily historical bars correctly on NQ but only a few days for ES?? What is the solution please?

Do you have volume profiles drawn on the charts?

@BWeis How would someone look back at a specific date? If I want to look at a 30 minute chart of a day in January, how would I do that? You website says historical data back to 2017 on minute based charts. Is there something I am missing?

I know I can use the mouse wheel to load a few more days, but that obviously is not going to work in this situation.



We don’t have a way to request the chart to go to a specific day, nor is there a way to show an expired contract in the workspace (except for replay workspaces), so, in this type of case, it would probably make the most sense to replay the date in Jan 2017 with the products in the workspace you would like to view.

Greetings Brian, Yes i use the VP indicator. as i was accessing from TopStep i previously used the drawing tool but now the indicator.
Why? does that have something to do with historical data?
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Brian, Sorry I don’t check this email regularly. i apologize for delay in response.

Many thanks for the BP heads up, that was the fix!
Kind of a shame we can’t look at profiles for weekly or monthly but daily will have to do for now.


The profiles are build form tick data, so we institute a control to avoid loading a tremendous amount of data for larger time periods. We do have some ongoing discussions about thresholds for these types of tools/charts

Roger that thanks. my recent experience has been with InverstorRT and Sierra running on IQFeed and a brief time with Tradestation so new to these streamlined platforms. i started trading back in the late 90s on equities with IB and cybertrader… When you are having the ongoing discussions sneak in a real market profile and or correct the point and figure so it uses a proper square box grid. On balance I like your platform and find it easy to trade. keep up the good work and many thanks for the great support!
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