We need a Faster way of scrolling back and loading data from the past please!

I trade smaller intraday time frames such as 1min, 30 sec, or even small tick and range data and there are many instances when I want to look back at the price action from 1 month ago or 2months ago and it takes forever to zoom out and click and drag the chart until I can get that much data loaded on my screen.
Please add a method such a “hot key” or a preload data function that can either preload (10k+ data candles) or allow me to scroll back 10K+ data candles in the history of the chart quickly or even allow me a date and time input box to tell the chart where I would like to go as far as time stamp is concerned on the chart, without having to physically drag each chart to load data and get to that specific point in time.
The current zoom out function to the max and then clicking and dragging method is very archaic and cumbersome and does not help us traders who trade smaller timeframes and need access to view more historical data quickly. Thanks

Just use a separate chart that is already zoomed out to where you want it to be. You can maximize individual windows as needed with the arrow icon in the upper right corner of each chart. If you have the crosshairs set to global they will move in unison on both charts so you can measure stuff.

Here’s what I do, I have a 1000 tick chart for the NQ to trade from and a 12hr chart to see the big picture. I maximize either one when I need to. I used the 12 hour chart to mark the record high with yellow line today that you can see at the top of the 1000 tick chart. You can easily look at both and get things done. You can organize things any way you want.

You can load in additional bars this way…



Thanks for the effort @jmiller8031 but that doesn’t quite solve the problem. Lets say that right now, you want to look back to April 15 on a 1min chart. Try to zoom out and get back to that candle on the 1min chart on April 15 and let me know how much fun that is for you getting there. There has to be a faster way of scrolling back in time other than zoom out/click and drag method. The click and drag method is good if you want to go back a day or two on these small time frames. Anything larger than 1 week, and the “click and drag” option feels like we are using the brick sized cell phones of the 80’s.

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@tikidave thanks for that info. but first of all the limitation to preload data on a chart is 999 and even if I put 15,000 in the min bars to load function, I still have to physically keep dragging the chart to get back to find that 15,000 th candle. It would be nice to have a hot key such “Page Down” button on keyboard where you can hold it down and it would automatically keep scrolling back for you quickly until the user gets to their desired timestamp, or even allow an input box where the user can tell the chart to take me to this specific date/time on the chart once again without the brute force/physical click and drag method of the chart.

ah, I was unaware of that limitation, maybe @BWeis can look into increasing the limit to something sensible. I like the idea of an optional ‘date’ instead of # of bars, you could alternatively load 30 days of data etc.

there are probably performance tradeoffs at play here, as loading thousands of bars may slow down your browser at some point, but maybe that could be a warning / confirmation you accept the consequences for :slight_smile:

The Max limit on the number of bars to lad on the new charts is 9999 (the legacy charts had a limit of 999)

Thanks for the update on that @BWeis , but if I want to see the 9999 candle/data point or a # beyond that(like 2months ago on a 1min chart), is there a faster way of getting to that date section other than brute force/click and drag forever?

I have noticed that the zoom out level on the new charts is not as good as the legacy version was, where you could really zoom out a lot more and that way you could click and drag much less, but with the new charts, you really cant zoom out that much. Therefore try to go back 2 months on a 1min chart in order to find a set of candles and let me know how much fun you have with that. :smirk:
There just has to be faster way of going from current candle way back in time to see a section of data other than click and drag method.

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I agree… If we could use the bottom time-axis and pull it or push it back and forth ? Scroll method is hard when using low time-frames.


Any updates @BWeis on a faster method to scroll back 1 or 2 months on a small time frame chart like a 1min or 30 second chart? This current drag option is horrible!

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