Jump to specific day & time / show fills from previous days

I’d love to be able to select a specific time and date to jump back to in my current chart. Sometimes I like to review previous patterns, reaction to news events, etc – as well as study and learn from my own trading decisions in retrospect.

Right now, I have to zoom out, scroll-scroll-scroll backwards, and then zoom back in if I want to review a specific chart area for an earlier time or date.

Also, it only shows order fills in the chart from the current day. After the new “day” starts at 5pm CST, I can’t even see where I entered and exited from earlier that morning. :wink:

Agreed. Good for journaling, retroactively.

If you have a bad day, get frustrated, or whatever, and shut down for the day; then go back to look at your trades…they’re gone! (unless you download a spreadsheet and map out the trades).

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