Review trades made previous day?

Hello all:

Just had a quick question. I am attempting to review my previous day’s trades, so I can see what I did right and what I did wrong, and look at some indicator data to help me with trade management in the future.

Is this a feature available?

I have attempted to turn on “Order Showing” (Chart Settings > Show Orders) and showing fills (Chart Settings > Show Fills), however, it’s not showing any data.

Thanks for the help!


One thing you could do is run a Replay Session and check the “Play my trades” option, if you want to see your trades played back, in up to 400% of real-time.

If you want instant historic information, use Reports. To do that, click on the Margin widget next to Application Settings. It will take you to a page where you can choose from report categories and select a timeframe to get specific data about that period.

There isn’t a way to persist previous sessions’ data on the chart however, as each day’s orders/positions/fills get archived shortly after EOD. Reports can draw from archived information using server-side magic, but no other part of the API allows that to happen. Even the Report information is returned as HTML, not JSON data directly.

Does this applies on Topstep tradovate account too? I tried using replay function but seems it still doesn’t show up.

I tried choosing account to replay but there is none to select

i wish my trades stayed on the charts for review. sometimes the smoke doesn’t clear until the next day.

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