Chart functionality questions (not "how to trade")

My wife started actually trading with Tradovate relatively recently. Whenever she takes on a new platform, I get involved as “tech support” / “indicator developer”. In the process of getting familiar with the platform, I’ve come up with a list of questions, the answers to which I cannot find using general internet searches and (attempts at) searching the Tradovate community forums. So I’m hoping that folks who are more experienced can either address the questions or point me to appropriate sources.

QUESTION #1: Is there a way to adjust the time interval on a chart in units other than minutes. It is painful to have to convert days / weeks / months to minutes!

QUESTION #2: Is there a way to set the multiplier for a time interval. E.g., “interval of a week for one year”?

QUESTION #3: What determines / limits how far back in time a chart goes? E.g., I was able to scroll a the equivalent of a weekly (10080 minutes) chart back as far as 12/17/2020 (today is 11/10/2021), but I have no idea what determines that. A daily chart, on the other hand, appears to go back 10 months. I note that large values in minutes are converted to and displayed as hours.

QUESTION #4: Is there a way to ‘shade’ the area between two price levels? I have read through the material on graphics functions, and I know it is possible to draw a rectangle with interior color, but I’m looking for what I suspect would have to be some form of primitive.

QUESTION #5: Is there a file (e.g., something analogous to meta or predefs) that contains constants for things like color codes that one could “require” in order to avoid having to come up with hex color codes except when actually desired?