Better Volume Profile and/or Histogram


I’m loving the Tradovate trade platform but the tool I use most in my trades is the Volume Profile, which is currently lackluster.

The Volume Profile draw tool gets really laggy if I want a large range, which I do. No way am I using that during my trading sessions.

The histogram is great but you can’t customize it in any shape or form. It’s hard to see because it’s so dim. I also would like to customize the range of the histogram instead of only showing the current session. I want to be able to look at the histogram at other price levels with different ranges (1 day, 1 week, 1 month, etc).

This is a tool that a lot of traders use and should definitely be a focus for the team.

Agreed. I have to go to another tool to draw the Vol Histograms as I want them … this is used a lot but needs to be better modifiable and also easy to put on different price ranges.

Hi @Subspace. Have you had a chance to look into the Volume Profile Indicator that is available as part of the “Free Indicators” Add-ons package?

This will give you a little more flexibility in automatically drawing volume profiles for each day, week, or month as well as for different sessions:

Hello @BWeis, I use TSTrader as well. I cannot use the volume profile add-on tool in TSTrader. Is there anything I could do to access it? I’d like to use it automatically chart the daily session.

I believe there are some discussions about allowing access to this for TST users in the very near future.

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