TPO chart enhancements

I would like to see some minor enhancements to the tpo charts. When using the volume profile plotting tool, we can see some basic data about the profile, by holding shift. I would like to see TPO charts get the same feature. An option to hover the mouse over a profile, would show dates, time, volume and value areas.
I would also like to see the use of volume based tools on the tpo chart or any non traditional based chart (point and figure). Here is a picture of a work around I’ve had to use in order to get volume data on a TPO showing 1 30 minute period each.

I basically created another 30 minute chart and added the new volume delta grid indicator. This is a decent work around, but its not perfect.

Nice! Would you please screen shot and post your TPO settings? Thanks!

I shared a workspace. Just check the “explore community indicator” area and look for 1 tpo per plot. Make sure your current workspaces are all saved. When using the tpo chart consider hitting F5 to refresh the charts especially after a 30 minute close. Since I posted the workspace, I added p2f overlay boxes set to 30 minutes to get a nice color representation of how each period closed.

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It looks like the Bid volume is the Ask Volume and the Ask Volume is in reality the Bid Volume
Check them with The Bid/Ask bars to be sure

Bid Volume is the summation of the bid size that is on the left. Ask Volume is the summation of the Ask size that is on the right side

Included in a new post is an enhancement request of great importance to order flow traders.

First of all, thank you for sharing the workspace.
I chose and save the workspace.
Then open the workspace and loaded the chart as below, but I could not see the table as in your screen capture. Could you enlighten ?
Thank you in advance.

This is really good. I would also appreciate the new addition ideas. I use TPO for 90% of my trading. 'm going to take a look at your stuff for sure.

You have to open a second chart underneath, add the volume delta grid indicator and then hide the extra candles from the chart itself.

Open the tpo chart first and customize colors to your preference. Then click the plus sign and add another chart of your chosen instrument. Change it to bid/ask chart and 30 minutes. Now make sure you have volume delta grid installed from community indicatorsv and the latter day min/max extension if you want to go more in depth. Now drag this chart (drag from the actual tab) in the workspace until it fits under the tpo chart. Drag the line under the bid-ask chart up and make price action disappear. Consider enabling global crosshair on both to quickly match up the time on the two charts.