TPO Chart Tweaks/Improvements

Just a few requests on tweaks to greatly improve quality of life, reduce workspace complexity, etc, so users are spending less time fighting the software and more time trading the markets.

  • The label at the top showing how many TPOs are in the profile; Not sure why this was the one thing visible at all times. Being able to change this to the information you want would be greatly appreciated. In my case; I want to see the session range (in points, not ticks), TPO Count Above/Below POC (expressed as TPOs X / Y), and the total volume.

  • Only show the most recent overnight inventory. I’m sure I’m not alone in having to use two charts for the same symbol. One for the pit session, and one including the overnight inventory so I can check prominence of the POC, range relative to settlement price (is ON Inventory long or short and by how much?), and the ONH/ONL to prepare for the pit session open. Don’t care about any other overnight inventory besides the most recent one.

  • It’s in another thread but the ability to show both the aligned brackets and the distribution simultaneously for the current pit session side by side would be fantastic.

  • Visibility is a major headache, even when trying to use high contrast colors. More robust color options, particularly in regards to the TPOs themselves would improve this greatly. For example; The Open/Close indications are really hard to see even when trying to use high contrast colors. Color the TPOs themselves for the opening/closing prints. This would also work for TPO value area and TPO POC as well. Obviously there would be a priority for the colors, but that should be fairly obvious to figure out (TPO Open/Close > TPO POC > TPO Value).

  • TPO color for migrating POC, making it visible how the fairest price has shifted through the session at each bracket (or not, as may be the case). Sometimes this is hard to visually trace, especially with range extension moving halfback (which can drag POC without horizontal development).

  • Visibility for naked POC and the value area is really tricky on a black background, but the white background is like staring into a light bulb (it’s bad for your eyes).

I’ll upload a visual example to demonstrate what I mean. The orange TPO prints are the migrating POC and the green prints are the current POC. Only the most recent overnight inventory is visible. The current pit session has both the distribution and the aligned brackets side by side simultaneously.