Add TPO chart type

We are working on adding the TPO chart type to Tradovate. We will keep this topic updated as it progresses

That’s fantastic news Brian. I see it’s been about a month now. When do you think we can beta test it?

@BZF I’ll keep this thread updated with progress

This would be an amazing feature. I’m looking forward to the updates!

any update on TPO chart

We had a project in front of it to update some of our chart internals. That project is still active, but nearing completion. Once it is completed, we will move onto the TPO chart. We’re excited to get working on the TPO charts and will definitely keep you updated as we progress

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Will you be adding $VOLD and $ADD to internals?

TPO charts would be fantastic. Another amazing feature if you can also please consider adding is a heat map/bookmap type indicator. I know you had a deal with bookmap long time ago, but you can implement it on your own like Sierra’s heatmap study. Please. Pretty please.

I upvote this comment. We really need to have an historical DOM indicator and some kind of heat map indicator.

I see you found this post:

We’ll keep an eye on the requests for it!

Our development on the TPO is underway.

Our plan will be to make this available in a Beta; where it will be generally available for users to review and provide feedback. I will post a notification here how how to access it when it goes to Beta


TPO please!!! :wink:

BTW - I created a separate request, but it kinda fits here too:

When trading futures we need to quickly identify support/resistance levels.

One of the better methods of building a trade is mapping out historical levels via an HVA (High Volume Area) chart. This is generally a longer term chart going back at least to the contract rollover, but usually longer. Currently there is no way of doing this as you would in Sierra Chart, NinjaTrader, and even ThinkorSwim.

I talked to Support and there is no workaround so it was suggested to create a feature request.

This along with the more common TPO chart and correcting the Delta trade imbalance type charts is mandatory as a stand alone futures platform.

Thank you!

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Quick image of TPO progress in our testing environment:

Our goal currently is to have this out in beta by the end of the month. Will keep everyone updated


Sweet! Looks really good Brian!

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That looks nice. Please pretty please include a way to set the effective session hours for each day of TPOs so we can measure how volume moves across the initial balance and cash sessions in each market.

More updates (preview).

We’re getting close to pushing this out in our beta version. Keep an eye on our next sets of beta release notes


Question, will we be able to merge profiles?

Yes. We will support merging and splitting


Hi, Will you be able to set the start time for those that trade Eurex?

Yes. The start time will be configurable

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