Beta version 1.200821.0 (web only) - Release 08/22/2020

TPO Charts (Available only in the Chart (beta) module)

Functions included in 08/21/2020 beta release

  • Select TPO as a Chart Type
  • Display TPO as letters or blocks
  • Customize letter colors
  • Volume profile per TPO profile
  • Value area and point of control (with extension) indicators for TPO and Volume Profiles
  • Initial balance indicator and extensions with custom periods
  • Display an Open Indicator
  • Display a Close Indicator
  • Configure multiple sessions per TPO (for example separate RTH from overnight sessions)
  • Split and Merge profiles
  • Autoscale TPO based on zoom level or set prices per TPO
  • Mid lines for Split and Merged Profiles
  • Hovering over TPO header or letters will display statistics for TPO Session Profile as well as per letter

Chart Improvements (Included in Chart (beta) module)

  • Drawing objects (lines, shapes, Fibonacci, trends, etc) can be drawn beyond the current bar
  • Significant upgrades in performance in both zooming and scrolling
  • Quantity of working orders will be displayed next to the orders in the chart price axis
  • Improvements to the display of alerts on the chart. The alert will display as a yellow highlight on the alert price in the price axis
  • Use the “-” magnifying glass to “step” zoom out
  • Zooming is anchored on the mouse pointer instead of the right side of the chart
  • Vertical zoom with Shift. Hold down the shift key and scroll mouse wheel inside the chart and the price axis will zoom.
  • Horizontal coasting after quick chart dragging. For example, you can click-drag-release the chart and it will smooth scroll
  • Dynamic Volume Profile recalculation while dragging
  • Improved step evaluation of price and time axis labels. As you zoom, the axis labels update in a more logical manner
  • Revisited Renko chart calculations and fixed some bugs with Renko bars that were reported
  • Performance of Bid/Ask charts optimized
  • Improved color displaying of custom indicators in Databox
  • Improved speed of indicator calculations
  • Ability to import and display MQL dialect of C++ indicators on charts through Code Explorer module
  • In-browser debugger for MQL dialect of C++

Other Enhancements

  • We have adjusted the contrast level. The “dark theme” background colors will be black rather than our current charcoal.
  • Reports can be downloaded as formatted PDF files
  • Portuguese (Brazil) added
  • Updates to the Market Data settings screen to make it more intuitive to manage subscriptions
  • Updated formatting to “Exit at Mkt&Cxl” → “Exit at Mkt & Cxl”

Bug Fixes

  • Performance Center PL display on Eurex products

See this topic on how to access the beta version:


I’m not seeing this…

“Quantity of working orders will be displayed next to the orders in the chart price axis”

Hi @Anharoth

Using be sure you are working with the “Chart (beta)” module:

Make sure “Show orders” setting is enabled:

Working or suspended orders will show on the chart with a quantity:

Got it THANKS. Had not been using Chart (beta) module. Looks great.


I just tried out the Beta Chart and I see the quantity next to the resting orders which is great, but the horizontal line is no longer there.

The horizontal line is shown for a filled order, but not a resting order.

Be sure you have this setting enabled in the Chart (beta) settings:

That fixed it - Sorry I forgot that my usual defaults didn’t roll over.

Thanks much for the prompt reply.

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I think the beta chart is far superior to the regular chart, for all manner of reasons, esp the resting order quantity and the improved zoom in/out functions. Thank you to you and the team for all the hard work.


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