New (beta) Charts - Feedback / Issues

What used to be circles are now squares in the new beta charts. macdBB indicator shown

This is awful…
Screenshot 2020-10-06 225009

I’m having similar issues with OGC’s Hull Trend indicator. It also no longer shows the moving average’s line. Also VWAP doesn’t work at all for me. Other issues with custom indicators but might be corrected when no longer in beta?

Other issues with Charts (beta) while I’m at it, in case anyone’s interested:

*Slower performance in Safari
*Grid doesn’t show price in the same detail as old chart (on /YM, grid only shows price every 10 pts. instead of every 5 pts. when viewing chart at a reasonable zoom of candlesticks.
*Contrast colors of candlestick bars harder to see with new all black background. Gr
*Moving averages harder to see (much thinner than before)
*Crosshairs get stuck on chart even when you move cursor off the chart
*Histogram & grid hard to see with black background vs grey. Candlestick wicks hard to see too.
*Can no longer duplicate a text by command-clicking on it (Mac).

Thanks for posting your feedback.

Can you provide a little more detail on what you see related to performance on Safari when compared to the old chart?

Cursor lag is the main issue, but also noticeable if you click & hold on the chart and drag around quickly. Overall the old chart has always felt very “snappy” and responsive in Safari for Mac. New beta chart feels a bit sluggish. I believe Chrome performance was always slower with the old charts as well. The beta chart lag is also noticeable when using global crosshairs between two charts (which I should mention only stays global horizontally but does not move vertically between charts when moving cursor up and down, so another bug I’ve noticed).

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Can you share if you have indicators or drawing tools on the chart?

I do use a Keltner Channel and Hull moving average but that’s it. However, I tested the new Chart (beta) with all indicators removed and on both tick & time charts and the result were the same: a bit sluggish and nowhere near as responsive as old chart using Safari. Can’t speak to Chrome or the Mac app.

On the Beta Chart the MACD indicator has no way to turn off the differential histogram as can be done on the normal charts. You can change the bar color to the same as the back ground but you then see dashed MACD lines where the histogram crosses over it.

I am unable to link the Beta Charts to the DOM (Dot color).

Is this normal and waiting for it to be not in “Beta” to link up?

What is the fix for this please?
Squares should be circles…smh

How to copy drawing line in Beta Charts? Ctrl + double click does not work.

Hi @Patreze. We will be adding that in an upcoming update

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