Charts loading Issues


I’m having two issues with the charts.
When switching between charts I’m often getting an issue where it zooms all the way in and doesn’t return to where I left the chart so the bars are huge and take up the full screen.

The image shows that if I scroll back and it loads older bars it recalculates the 50Ema and VWAP moving them a lot. The charts need to stay loaded and load further back so that the indicators are updated correctly.


Hi @andrewoh2208 since the charts draw the indicators based on the bars loaded, I just wanted to check to see what you have set for the “Minimum Number of Bars to Load” and if it covers the period parameters of your indicators?

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Yes this has solved the issue with the charts not loading enough bars thanks!

Is there any way to keep charts loaded so if I flick to a larger time frame one then back that it stays loaded? with the added bars to load it now zooms out to fit and doesn’t keep the chart as I left it.

Can you show a quick image of what you see happening?

Image one is me working on the 2000tick chart
I flick to another one 15min then back and it looks like image 2 zoomed out and not where I left it…
and then sometimes I get image 3 where its zoomed in and scaled all weird.
I have continuously autofit chart turned off.

Just so I understand the steps:

You are switching the tab from the “ESM0 2000t” chart to the “ESM0 15m” chart and then back to the “ESM0 2000t” chart, correct? …Not changing the timeframe in the “ESM0 2000t” from 2000t to 15m and back to 2000t

That is correct not changing time frame.
Like Changing tabs within chrome etc

Would you mind sending your layout in to our support team support (at) and reference this forum post and we will have a look?

I believe I know what he is talking about because I have the same issue… I guess you can work around it, but it is irritating.

So here is a picture of my chart the way I like to look at it (Slightly zoomed in, etc)… This is the first chart.

Once I switch to another tab at the top of my screen & then switch back the original chart reverts back to be zoomed out as shown in the 2nd chart.

The pictures show what my chart looks like & what the exact same chart looks like after I switch to another tab and then go back to it. BTW I have played around with Auto-fit chart and that does not help.

I know you can make it better by changing the number of bars back loaded, but I like to have a lot of bars loaded so I can easily go back and reference recent high/lows.

Is there a way to make the chart keep its visual settings to avoid this?



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