Tick chart loading issues


I noticed my the bars on my chart are not loading correctly over the weekend and thought it would be fixed automatically this morning, but it has still not resolved. To my knowledge, the other timeframes work fine, but any tick period shows up like this for me. The whole chart should load like the normal picture below. This issue is occurring on both desktop and browser apps.

Normal (1HR Time Frame)

Abnormal (2000 Tick Time Frame)

I haven’t found a related thread yet, so opening this one in case anyone else is experiencing this.

I would say probably has something to do with volume, that expiration is not heavily traded yet. I could be wrong

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yeah you’re on SEP, you’re gonna get 1 candle per day with those settings

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Thanks, this was the solution. I actually moved to ESU2 after getting notified by Tradovate that volume was lower on ESM2. When I checked the other day both had the same view as the pic above, but now ESM2 looks right. Thanks again.