Market replay_Tick history issue

I have subscription to 1 year of tick history (in Sim, Live, and Market replay) and my account appears to have issue displaying tick history in Sim mode prior to March 2021. Anyone else with this issue?

I can see all the way back to September 2020 using a 1 hour bar chart in market replay. I can only see back to October with a 20 tick Renko chart. Both are in the same replay session.

Time based charts always work better than everything else in Tradovate it seems. They would better with indcators too. Everything loads faster whether it’s an hour or minute chart versus everything else.

You may be right in which case tough luck for me as I utilize TPO, VP, MP and delta charts mostly and the data isn’t what I’d anticipated or expected prior to subscribing
to “1 year of tick history.”

Have you tried changing the contract? I have market replay and was messing with July last year with TPO date, BUT you have to adjust for the contract. Back in July of last year, it was not ESM1… so I booted these tickers up from CME and it seemed to work on my end: