Market Replay doesn't show data older than 4 months

Hey traders,

I bought Market Replay, hoping to get some practice in, but I noticed that Market Replay breaks down, and becomes spotty for anything further out than 4 months. Is this the same for anyone else? I’m confused, because I haven’t seen anyone else mention it, and I don’t think this is how Tradovate wanted it to be.

Can you check your symbol and verify you are using the correct front month for the time frame you are replaying?

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You’re looking at a chart of NQ DEC '21 in July '21 - the front month is SEP (NQU1)

You also need to disable “Autoroll Contracts” while using replay

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I already had Autoroll contracts disabled. Thank you for the front month answer though. That made it work correctly for me. How can I find older front months for NQ, so I don’t have to ask whenever I want to go back? I tried Google, but it just returned the generic NQ.

I was using the wrong front month, @Ryan_Berg told me the correct front month. Thank you. How can I find the front month for the time period I want, so I don’t have to keep asking for it?


NQ is March (H) June (M) Sep (U) Dec (Z)

So 2021 March NQ is NQH1, 2023 Sep NQ is NQU3 etc. Might want to memorize the CME month codes

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Thank you so much! I will!