Candle charts not updating in sim?

I’ve been working with replay in the sim environment and I’ve noticed over the past 24 hrs, or so, the candle charts not updating. Specifically, I’m using 1m, 15m, 5m.

Is anyone else noticing this?

I’m using the desktop app on OSX, hard-wired connection.

Thank you!

The futures market does not trade on the weekend. It begins again on Sunday evening.

Now if you are using the “Replay” feature and trading on past data, make sure you are using the Correct Contract experations (example: ESZO.)

Thank you for your reply!

I’m using replay. This morning I’ve been trying to trade 01/21/2020 using the MESH0 contract (expires in March). On open the candles will pop, but after that it stops.

Edit: I’m testing the Sim with the recent contract (MESZ0) on date 10/14/2020 and it works fine, so far. Is this a known issue, or is the historical data with lower resolutions discarded after a few months?

I haven’t had any luck with the replay working with data that’s 2 weeks and older. I’m not sure its a bug or they only allow 2 weeks back for Replays, You might have to wait for a response from one of the Tradovate team members for that info.