Brand New to Simulation, Nothing is functioning right

So I am brand new to tradovate and trading in general, just starting out as an excperiment and seeing how much I can learn, but I have signed up for an account, and it says my account is waiting for approval, but allows me to go to simulator, but simulator won’t let me see past 2 pm my time (5 pm eastern) even though these are futures, and at least some or most should be active right now and most times of the day on a Friday?

Please help I don’t know if its broken, I need account approval, or if I am just not pulling up the right charts, I’ve tried everything from nasdaq mini micros to any gold chart I can find and the all come to a dead stop at 2 pm today,

Thank you,

No one has replied? man, 21 days. hopefully you got it figured out but in case you didn’t, i had the same issue today and found that futures stops trading at 5pm on Friday, which as you mentioned is 2pm your time. So, you wouldn’t see anything past that time.

It’s pretty basic, but like you i am new to all of this and had to run around trying to figure out why my candlesticks weren’t updating after 2pm today (also a friday). Seems like every step I take there’s something i don’t understand with whatever software i’m trying to figure out. just keep chugging and eventually things will smooth out.