YMH3 Cumulative Delta

Hey all,

I’ve been looking into the cumulative delta indicator and have noticed that YMH3 and YMM3 have been steadily going up for the last 2 days (without a single down tick it seems). Does anybody know if this is normal behavior or is this a possible data issue?


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Hello, last week i had a problem with the YM chart, candles was not following the price, but when i change the timeframe the chart was update but always not following the price. I have write to tradovate and this week is working. But the TPO have a big bug until monday, and monday is missing, when i split the profil the day before is automaticly deleted. And Bid/Ask have problem also, there is only up delta, cumulative delta was going to 150k on monday of YM!
That’s not normal
I have write to support. Maybe this end of week they will do an update.

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