NQ Candles Frozen

For some reason, NQ candles are frozen on all timeframes. The DOM is moving just fine, but the candles only update if I switch between other symbols, but stay frozen. All other symbols are moving completely fine.

I know a few of the other people I’m trading with are having this same issue, so I know it’s not me. I don’t see any announcements on it. Checking the internet, people say it’s a low-volume issue, but the market is move pretty quick for Tokyo market, so I know that’s not the case.

Any help or ideas would be GREAT! Thank you!

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I am having the same issue. It’s not a volume issue since it happened to me during New York open.

Please help!!

I actually put 2 and 2 together. It started happening when Tradovate rolled out their newest software update. Hopefully, the Tradovate team responds to it. They haven’t announced anything, won’t answer their customer service line, and no response to the helpbot

THEY FIXED IT! Thanks, Tradovate Team!!!