Beta Chart Scrolling/Zoom Issues

I have noticed on the new Beta Module that when I am in a chart and zoom in with the mouse wheel - it is screwy. When you zoom in once, you have you zoom out 4x the amount to get back to square one. It is not like that in the non beta charts.

This happens on the vertical and horizontal scroll. Seems to be 4x to 5x on the up/down & 2x to 3x on the left/right. It would seem it you zoom out “1 click with the wheel” you should be able to zoom in “1 click” to get back to where you started.

BTW - This is on all charts (Candle, TPO, Bar, Etc)




I am going to get you the log file later regarding the issues I have having in other other post.

I am assuming you don’t need a video of this one because it should be easy to replicate on your end?


We can reproduce this particular behavior, so we don’t require any further details on it. We will reach out if we need any clarifications.

@Donovan_Ward We will be pushing a fix for this to Beta this weekend. Thank you for the feedback.