Beta version 1.201218.0 (web and standalone desktop) - Release 12/18/2020

Functions included in 12/18/2020 beta release

  • Added: DOM. Content of the DOM can be zoomed in/ou using Shift+Scroll allowing more levels of the DOM to be viewed at a time. You can read more about this new feature here: Allow user to zoom in/out on price ladder on DOM
  • Added: Chart (beta). All drawing tools will have a tooltip which can be enabled by Shift+Click on the drawing. This tooltip will show statistics on start/end time, number of bars, start/end prices, number of ticks and number of $ difference. You can read more about this new feature here: Ruler and ratio ruler
  • Updated: Chart (beta). Added local chart data cache
  • Updated: Chart (beta). Volume profiles can be used with Heikin Ashi charts


  • Fixed a layout sizing issue when Code Explorer is in the workspace
  • Fixed a module sizing issue in Safari browsers