Release Notes - Version 1.210108.0

Version 1.210108 (01/08/2021)

  • Added: DOM. To allow for viewing a larger price range on the DOM, users can now scale down the price ladder on the DOM using Shift+scroll. Read more about this new feature here: Allow user to zoom in/out on price ladder on DOM - #4 by BWeis
  • Updated: Chart (beta). We’ve made a number of enhancements and fixes to our Chart (beta) module detailed below:
    • Added: A search function to the Indicators menu. Read more about this new feature here: Search indicator function - #2 by BWeis
    • Added: Users can now delete highlighted drawings with select + Delete Key
    • Updated: For performance optimizations, we’ve introduced a local chart data cache.
    • Added: A Regression Channel is now available under the Drawing Tools menu
    • Added: We’ve added the ability to sync drawings between charts. Read more about this new feature here: Synchronize Lines and Shapes Across Charts - #13 by BWeis
    • Added: Lines and shapes now display statistics in tooltips when on Shift+Hover. The statistics include start/end time, number of bars, start/end prices, number of ticks, and number of $ difference. Read more about this new feature here: Ruler and ratio ruler - #8 by BWeis
    • Added: Custom Indicators in Chart (beta). We’ve added the ability to apply custom styles to lines
    • Added: Custom indicators in Chart (beta). Added backward compatibilities for auto-scaling instructions
    • Updated: We’ve made Volume Profiles available for Heikin Ashi candle types
    • Updated: We’ve made some improvements to keep a drawing’s anchors “snapped” to the correct prices
    • Updated: We’ve fixed some reported issues with chart plot styles (line thickness and other style edits)
    • Updated: We’ve added some optimizations for mouse position tracking
    • Updated: We’ve made some adjustments to the scrolling inertia level based on some user feedback
    • Updated: We’ve improved New Order annotation when trading from the chart
    • Updated: We’ve improved disambiguating between clicks and double clicks for some actions in the chart such as set alert and auto-fit when clicking on the price axis
    • Updated: We’ve updated the logic for the current bar display. Now we will evaluate only the Close price to keep the last bar inside the plot area. Previously this was based on the High and Low price
    • Fixed: Issue with Middle Price line not display in some situations
    • Fixed: Issue with re-rendering TPO charts after tab switch
    • Fixed: Issue where there was a missed outline for Bid/Ask candles
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed an issue with layouts when code explorer is used. The layout was not resizing correctly
    • Fixed an issue with Safari where layout elements were not resizing correctly