Search indicator function

Community is growing, we have so many people creating awesome indicators now. Once you install few indicators it’s a mess to find where they are located, Unless you open source code and check tags + very likely after few days you will forget where they are located.

I would like to suggest adding search function and be able to select needed indicator from the result.

We have added a feature to the Indicator menu allowing users to search for specific available/installed indicators (available in the Chart (beta) module):

To enable the search, click on the magnifying glass at the top of the indicator menu:

Type in your search term:

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There are 15 categories of indicators…some with obscure names like “mph” and “yadr3dart”. It would be nice to be able to search the entire database for different types of indicators by key word i.e. stochastic, RSI, volume etc. without having to open each category to see what’s there.

Thank you @BWeis Your team is doing great job with all new features :heart_eyes:

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We have some additional sorting we will be adding to this area as well:

  • “Actively used”: This sort value will be driven by relative presence in actively used layouts by all users.
  • “Popular”: This sort value will be driven by the number of downloads (this is how the list is currently sorted)
  • “Recently uploaded”: This sort value will be driven by the time of the last update
  • “Trending”: This value will be driven by the number of net installs in the last 7 days

We will keep the board updated as this function becomes available

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Shout out to “Nom” who has the #1 most “Actively Used” indicator in our Community, NOM VWAP Bands: