Release Notes - Version 1.201120.0


Version 1.201120.0 (11/20/2020)


  • Added: Login. Added the ability to look at the password on login screen by clicking on the “eye” icon
  • Added: Options Chain. Added accordion functionality to Expand/Collapse individual expirations when viewing All expirations
  • Added: Charts (beta). Users can now lock all drawing objects on a chart. This function can be found under the Chart Drawing Tools menu.
  • Added: Charts (beta). Users can now set the crosshair to snap to tick increments on the price axis This function can be found under the Crosshair menu in the main chart window. With this setting enabled, drawing tools will also snap to tick increments
  • Updated: Charts (beta). Increased line weights for some chart types for readability improvements
  • Updated: Charts (beta). Increased click area of some actions to improve usability.
  • Updated: Charts (beta). Added an additional mode to the Bid/Ask Volume chart type, “Constant Width”, to improve space utilization.
  • Updated: Charts (beta). Added a new color picker control to allow increased flexibility in color choices

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements:

  • Fixed: DOM. Fixed intermittent display issue with partially filled orders
  • Fixed: Legacy Charts. Heatmap custom plotter was not displaying as expected
  • Fixed: Charts (beta). Control + Double click was not copying drawing objects as expected
  • Fixed: Charts (beta). Fixed the coordinates of custom plotters.
  • Fixed: Options Chain. Fixed exceptions.
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