Release Notes - Version 1.201127.0


Version 1.201127.0 (11/27/2020)

Web, Beta Web and Beta Desktop:

  • Added: Options Chain. A Recenter function has been added to the options chain when viewing a single expiration and All strike prices to allow for easy recentering when scrolling
  • Updated: Chart (beta). Minor improvements to look-and-feel
  • Updated: Chart (beta). Support for heatmap plotter
  • Updated: Chart (beta). Support for customizable background colors in volume profile
  • Updated: Chart (beta). Chart (beta) candlestick algorithm matches the algorithm used in legacy charts
  • Updated: Chart (beta). Support for overriding candlestick style by custom indicators


  • Fixed an issue where “Free Indicator” package was not displaying as expected in Chart (beta)
  • Fixed support for Cumulative Delta in Chart (beta)
  • Fixed databox placement in Chart (beta). The position was not being saved as expected