Release Notes - Version 1.201211.0


Version 1.201211.0 (12/18/2020)


  • Updated: Chart (beta). We did some cleanup on the chart header formatting when spread contracts are shown in Chart (beta)
  • Updated: Chart (beta). We did some cleanup to the bar countdown when one-hour bars are selected. It was anchoring on the contract start time rather than the session start time in Chart (beta)
  • Updated: Chart (beta). We increased the max number of labels in the price axis on Chart (beta) to 50
  • Updated: Default Layout. The default layout will use Chart (beta) if reloaded. The Legacy Chart module can still be accessed in the workspace manager and used if desired


  • We cleaned up a bug related to “show value” in indicator configurations in Chart (beta) where if multiple indicators were configured to show value, some were not displaying as expected
  • We fixed an issue with the minimum zoom level in secondary plot areas on Chart (beta)