Beta version 1.201211.0 (web and standalone) - Release 12/11/2020

Functions included in 12/11/2020 beta release

  • We did some cleanup on the chart header formatting when spread contracts are shown in Chart (beta)
  • We did some cleanup to the bar countdown when one-hour bars are selected. It was anchoring on the contract start time rather than the session start time in Chart (beta)
  • We cleaned up a bug related to “show value” in indicator configurations in Chart (beta) where if multiple indicators were configured to show value, some were not displaying as expected
  • We fixed an issue with the minimum zoom level in secondary plot areas on Chart (beta)
  • We increased the max number of labels in the price axis on Chart (beta) to 50

If you are interested in exploring these new features in our beta release, you can see this post on how to access our beta version: How to Access the Beta Versions of Tradovate Trader

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