Allow user to zoom in/out on price ladder on DOM

Add to the desktop application similar functionality that is available in the Pulse app today where the user will be able to zoom out/in on the DOM to view more/less prices.

is this same as static DOM at 3 pages below/above ?

The idea we’re exploring here would be to allow the user to zoom out on the DOM which would allow viewing of more levels:

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To zoom out on the price ladder on the DOM:

Using Shift+Mouse or Trackpad Scroll will gradually zoom the DOM out to view more levels

Making it easier to view markets during high volatility and manage working orders

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This new feature will be included in the beta release 1.201218.0 in both web and desktop versions. This beta release will be pushed out on 12/18/2020

Awesome new feature. Thank you!!!

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Using the latest release, I don’t see any feedback from a shift + scroll. Can anyone confirm this actually works?

Yup. It actually works!

Thanks. Strange that I don’t see anything. I also tested on the browser. Are you on Windows, web or Mac Os?

I’m on MacOS, using the tradovate app, version: Version 1.210115.0 (1.210115.0)

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this is a great add, could you do the same for Tick Stream pls?

is there a way to reduce the DOM value when scrolling.
for example. if i were to scroll down it collapses from [100, 100.25, 100.50, 100.75, 200] to just 100, 200.
vice versa