Allow user to zoom in/out on price ladder on DOM

Add to the desktop application similar functionality that is available in the Pulse app today where the user will be able to zoom out/in on the DOM to view more/less prices.

is this same as static DOM at 3 pages below/above ?

The idea we’re exploring here would be to allow the user to zoom out on the DOM which would allow viewing of more levels:

To zoom out on the price ladder on the DOM:

Using Shift+Mouse or Trackpad Scroll will gradually zoom the DOM out to view more levels

Making it easier to view markets during high volatility and manage working orders

This new feature will be included in the beta release 1.201218.0 in both web and desktop versions. This beta release will be pushed out on 12/18/2020

Awesome new feature. Thank you!!!

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Using the latest release, I don’t see any feedback from a shift + scroll. Can anyone confirm this actually works?

Yup. It actually works!

Thanks. Strange that I don’t see anything. I also tested on the browser. Are you on Windows, web or Mac Os?

I’m on MacOS, using the tradovate app, version: Version 1.210115.0 (1.210115.0)

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