Automatically scroll the DOM as user drags order

Usability improvement

User can grab a working order and drag. When the order is at the price ladder border (top, or bottom of the DOM), the DOM should auto-scroll up/down (depending on where the mouse pointer is) as the user holds the order.

Be looking for this one in a beta release soon.

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We are planning to add this to our Beta release this weekend (09/18/2020). Keep an eye out for the beta release notification for confirmation.

In Tradovate’s release 1.201002.0 we have added a usability improvement for the DOM. Starting in this release when you click-hold-drag a working or suspended order on the DOM and reach the header or footer area of the DOM, the DOM will automatically scroll.

To complete the price modification (as before) simply release the order and the price will be modified to the level with the dashed cell outline highlight
This update will allow for easier management of larger price modifications to the order

the current web browser doesnt drag price in the DOM adn the beta order mod drag is very slow

Which browser are you using?

The browser I’m using is chrome. I saying the current version of trader.tradovates DOM doesnt allow for dragging and the beta version drags the orders slow.