Beta version 1.200918.0 (web only) - Release date 09/18/2020

Functions included in 09/18/2020 beta release

  • Dom will auto-scroll when and order is dragged to the header or footer area. You can view more details on this enhancement here: Automatically scroll the DOM as user drags order
  • Updated some link and instructions in the “Get Help” area
  • Updated some messaging when a Tradovate Admin is not available for chat
  • Added instructions under Application Settings > My Devices for adding Tradovate web as a shortcut to mobile devices.
  • Hover prices and place orders inside rectangle/ellipse drawing tools (in Chart (beta) module)

If you are interested in exploring these new features in our beta release, you can see this post on how to access our beta version: How to Access the Beta Versions of Tradovate Trader

NOTE: Currently these changes are only in the web release

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what time does this go live?

We typically push updates on Friday nights after the close. At the latest, it will be live before the open on Sunday.

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