Beta verson 1.210903.0 (web) - Release 09/03/2021

Included in the 09/03/2021 beta release

Beta Web 1.210903

  • Added. DOM. Additional columns have been made available in the DOM which can be enabled in the settings area to show Pulling and Stacking on the Bid and Ask
  • Added. Charts. We have added the ability to create Custom Drawing Tools
  • Updated. Trader. Keyboard-friendlier symbol lookups using the arrow up/down keys for navigation
  • Updated. Minor hotkeys refactoring
  • Updated. More precise tracking of third-party indicator usage

To enable this feature:

Under the Chart Settings, click “Show Pulling / Stacking”

This will enable the Bid P/S and Ask P/S columns on the DOM


where can i get the beta ver 1.210903.0 the DOM Bid/Ask P/S is a good add

You can access the beta versions here: How to Access the Beta Versions of Tradovate Trader

Ok thanks i will have a look.

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For further details on this new functionality, you can refer to our online documentation here:

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When will this be released into the regular web version? That beta version does not play well with community indicators or bid ask charts…

In the next few weeks.

Would you mind sending any issues you’re seeing with the beta version to ? We’ll investigate and escalate as needed

We are good now. Just needed logout and log back in. Solid addition though…

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A more advanced example using a Trend Line Tool has been added here: