DOM Pulling / Stacking

We will be adding columns showing Pulling/Stacking


We are currently reviewing this on an internal build and will be releasing this shortly. Please keep an eye on Beta release notes if you would like to preview the functionality before if goes to the general release


This will be available in our Beta release 1.210903.0 to be release on 09/03/2021

Release notes here:


Thanks for releasing this. Some general feedback so far.

  1. Had a bug where a 0 would occasionally float. Not sure I can exactly replicate it. I would look back to the screen after a while and it would occur.
  2. Is it possible to also release a summed total of the stacks and pulls? See attached.
  3. Future development: It seems every tick we move up or down at the current bid-ask (on ES) that all the numbers reset to 0. Can the numbers be “locked in” as price moves or will it always reset to 0? See Pulling and Stacking on the DOM GBX - YouTube at about 10:40 for the changes.

Thanks, appreciate all the new additions!


@BWeis Thanks for this release! Cody’s points on summed/locked pulls and stacks would be a fantastic addition. Very pleased to see steps towards increased DOM functionality on Tradovate.

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Hi @Cody Would you mind DM’ing me a video when you see this happen. I’d like to have the team take a look and see if we can identity the issue

dom ps 09082021 1

dom ps 09082021 3

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Thank you for posting the video. We will take a look

Where do we see our current version number? I do not have the ability to enable stacking/pulling but my version auto updated a couple of days ago.


Right now, only the web version has been updated in beta. We have not yet pushed the update to the downloadable version.

Version number can be found on the login screen:

Thanks! I appreciate the quick and concise reply!


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